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The webmail Windstream provide wonderful features including high-speed internet, phones, digital TV, and electronics services. Users of this email find all solution related to users need. Due to amazing features, users find this email service more valuable than others. The email Windstream is not only best for its service but also to dissolve its email problem. Whenever you face problem use

Windstream customer care number

which is the best way to find a solution. The team of customer care will resolve all issues within the short period of time. There are plenty of email issues occurs with users. If you are one of them and want a solution to the problem here you will get. Before proceeding to the email problem let’s have some focus on the features of this email service.

Salient features of Windstream email:

Windstream email provides ultimate features to users, some of them are described below.

  • Better navigation: Now users can navigate all email by folders. Users can view inbox tabs at the top of the inbox.
  • Faster reply: Here is an option to reply the email by reading pane.
  • Improved search: Among all email features users find the most amazing one is searching option. Now searching option of Windstream email is faster and easier.
  • Undo option: The option of undoing help users to revert their unwanted change in an email.
  • Organized conversation: The email feature has now better option to organize conversation. Users can read and response the email in the new
  • Calendars: This option permit users to manage their calendars with their email account. By the help of this features users can remember important dates.

Common issues of Windstream email:

The email Windstream has many features which help users to manage their work easily and improve. On the other hand, there are also issues faced by users. When Windstream users face technical issues with this email, they need to fix it. To get the solution to email problem users can use Windstream customer service number. Through this number, users can resolve all issues instantly.

Trouble No. 1: How to recover the password of Windstream mail

Solution: When you need to recover the email password you can follow the given steps one by one. In case you find the problem to access it a concern to expert. Via Windstream technical support number you will find its solution.

  1. Visit the page of Windstream email and select the option of resetting
  2. Here you need to enter the account name and choose the option “I forget my password.”
  3. Now tap on my account option and click on the support link present at the top of the page.
  4. Choose the option to manage my account from the drop-down
  5. Feed here your current email address with a password.
  6. Log in your account and choose the option of change the username & password.
  7. Click on the password change option. You will receive a message your password has changed now.
  8. If you failed to reset the account password ask experts to help you.

Trouble No. 2: How to add an additional email address to Windstream account?

Solution: When users of Windstream want to add another mail account with it and face trouble they can find help from experts. Through Windstream email tech support number you will find the way to add mail. Well, follow the instruction given below step by step.

  1. Visit the email page and choose the option my account.
  2. Tap and click the option to manage the account from the drop-down
  3. Here you need to enter your email address with a password. Now click to continue.
  4. After login your account you need to tap the link “Change username and password & email account.
  5. In this screen, you will find a row to add an email
  6. Now add the email account in here.
  7. You can continue your other additional email with Windstream email account.

It may happen that users have a serious complication with their email account. If these steps are not enough to fix email issues. You can use Windstream customer support number. With the help of technical support, number users can resolve their all issues whenever they want. Service of customer care team has been 24 X 7 available for all users.

If you also looking for help of customer support but don’t have an idea how to contact. Just use Windstream email customer support number through which you will able to fix issues. The trained experts in customer care will resolve you all technical issues within the short period of time. Users don’t need to worry when tech support team is here to help them.