AOL Desktop Gold is the one of the popular product provided by its parent Company AOL Inc. American Online Company has launched and delivered people with many great products and services be it AOL email, web browser or messenger. It has simplified and made the life of AOL users very easy by launching new Desktop version that is AOL Desktop Gold. If you are not aware of this latest product then first download AOL Desktop Gold software 1-866-429-4641 and try to explore all the features of this software. You can also take help from customer care to know more about this products.

With the presence of so many enthralling and mind blogging traits, AOL Gold has fascinated users all around the globe. But sometimes these characteristic features can lead the users to fall into a messy situation. One such issue is “unable to print from AOL Gold” which can make your life upside down. This topsy-turvy situation of unable to print can occur when you are using the faulty printer, outdated software or conflicting programs. The steps which can be used in rectifying this printing problem is listed below:

How to fix unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold

  • Check if the printer is working with other programs or not
  • You need to create a new text file either in Notepad or in MS Word and then insert some dummy text into it. After that try printing this document if you receive the output page then you must check the software.

  • Clear print Spool
  • Make sure you have no pending print job in the print spool. If there is any pending document then try to remove it.

  • Update Software or device driver
  • You should use updated AOL Gold software and device driver in order for your desktop run smoothly.

These solution instructions can work for everyone but if it doesn’t work for you then it is advisable to get help from customer care who are reachable 24 hours in a day without any fail. The professionals also recommend that you should always install AOL desktop Gold from official website so that you can eliminate the risk of any unforeseen error with this software in near future.

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