“You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.” – Tommy Cooper (comedian).

Have a significant and growing number of American automobile owners become so smitten by high technological gadgetry that they truly and realistically expect and demand their vehicles to automatically parallel park for them?

A recent online survey revealed that 23.08 percent of respondents indicated that they truly enjoy the sense of freedom the high-tech toys afford them and welcome the chance to not have to concern themselves with this type of parking situation. The technology freed them to concern themselves with more important issues. Obviously driving was not that big a deal to these folks.

A smaller number of respondents, 7.69 percent, described this automatic parking feature as a godsend and revealed that they were previously so terrified of parallel parking that they would drive aimlessly about until they found a parking space where they did not have to parallel park. Sometimes this turned into a 30-minute search for the perfect spot.

A more cynical 15.38 percent saw this high-tech wizardry as a clever marketing ploy initiated by an automotive company to inject into their customers a false sense of safety and convenience. The more fearful drivers would readily adopt this new technology to their driving style. The OEMs that allowed this Trickery was rewarded with a huge increase in sales of their vehicles.

The 16.67 percent accuracy rate is not that far away from the 20th century where auto manufacturers started with the injection of the steering wheel in order to increase driving efficiency. In the early 1900s, automobiles were still expensive vehicles compared to today’s standards, but improvements in materials and technology eventually brought the car on par with today’s vehicles.

Parallel parking is the process of parking a vehicle parallel to another vehicle. The parking position must be marked in some way. Today, the majority of parking lots are marked with something identifying the vehicle to be parked there as well as the date and time of the vehicle’s arrival. The purpose of the parking sign is to inform the driver and other passengers that this is the procedure for parking the vehicle and to inform the driver that they have a legal right to the lot.

parallel parking lesson

Let us now apply this parallel parking skill to situations where you have to park your car:

destination parking lot

On a corner or entrance lot, you must place your car between the markers and the curb, and parallel to the curb.

Entry/Exit parking

You must turn right and parallel to the curb, and your car will be held for a few seconds until the parking lot is full.

When your car is parked, but you need to go either back to the street or to the rear of your car to meet someone

Someone may be waiting for you to enter the lot

You must re-enter the lot, going straight down the street, past the trash bags, and turn right

Someone may be waiting for you to enter the lot

You must re-enter the lot, going straight down the street, past the trash bags, and turn right

Once you re-enter the lot, the person you selected will be waiting for you with a smile

You must always remember to parallel park your car at all times

Never ever parallel park a car unless you know for sure that there is a solid object between your car and the curb

No matter who you are, stay on the smooth, straight sidewalk

No matter who you are, walk, run or drive your car parallel parking is not acceptable

playground equipment


Large vehicles

Blind spots

improperly marked cross streets

erroneous markings

Slow or fast-moving vehicles


Parking a vehicle in a reserved or private lot

standing watch

pedestrian spaces are designated for slower or heavier vehicles

pedestrian signals


entrusted vehicle parking

no parking restrictions

Open carry guns

Car locks

Electric vehicle battery Chargers

smell proof air fresheners

amphibole alcohol dispensers

Anti-lock brakes

ROAD conflicting with parking scofflaws

amphibole alcohol dispensers

Car valet parking

Car wash facilities


Inadequate or insufficient police surveillance or detection of criminal activity

difficulty verifying the descriptions of persons recorded on CCTV

difficulty determining the paternity of human remains.

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