Having Wi-Fi connectivity issue with Windows 10 is very common and you are not alone who are suffering from this error especially when you have HP laptop. To fix the Wi-Fi not connecting error whether you can try the steps described here or contact to customer care via HP customer support number 1-855-438-6011. The choice is yours!
If you’ve recently updated your Windows 10 and now your Wi-Fi is showing connectivity error, you should follow the troubleshooting steps given as:-

Run the network troubleshoot:
When you get your laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10, run the automatic network troubleshoot. This can solve the Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

Reinstall the wireless adapter driver:
Faulty adapter driver can cause trouble to connect with Wi-Fi, so reinstall it and then try to connect the laptop with Wi-Fi. Make sure the installation is clean because corrupted installation can damage your laptop.

Update the wireless adapter driver:
Is your adapter driver is out of date? Just update it for troubleshooting because to connect your laptop with Wi-Fi you must have updated adapter driver.

Check & reset the hardware settings:
When your hardware has small snags it may lead to internet connectivity error. That’s why check and reset the hardware settings of your HP laptop.

Reset the Windows 10:
The internet connectivity problem may be because of your Windows 10, so you can try to reset it. After resetting the Windows 10 you can check if the problem gets resolved or not. Restart your HP laptop and then you can try to connect the Wi-Fi network to your laptop.

Due to being a non-tech savvy person if you are unable to perform the steps, you can simply contact skilled technicians. You can ring the HP technical support number which is always accessible for the users. With the help of technical experts, you are capable to sort out the laptop hitches within the short time duration. These technical experts are 24 hours available around the day, so you can any time connect with them for assistance.