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The multinational company Hewlett-Packard offers its amazing quality products over the world. The founder of HP, Hewlett & Packard introduces this company in 1935 as a small organization. Gradually the HP developed and in the 1960s it become the fame of Silicon Valley. The products manufactured by HP are printers, laptops, computers, pocket PC, camera etc. Most common products of HP are printer and computers. HP offers always best quality products for its customers, but may be possible that some users face the problem. Well, electronic gazettes show issues and this is a very common issue. For such HP product users who face hassles with its product, tech support team is always ready. Customer only required to try HP customer support number. Through the technical experts it is very easy to fix problems. If you are using printer, computer or laptop of HP brand and you face problem due to technical fault. You can reach out to the tech support team and ask for help. Well, some issues & its solutions of HP products has described below. You they match with your problem then you can try the solution for troubleshoot.

Problem 1. How to fix paper jam issue of the HP Printer?

Solution: The issue of a paper jam is general for all printers. If you face trouble to fix paper jam issue, follow the steps.

  1. Remove the roller and pull the paper out in direction of the paper
  2. Make sure you have used right size paper.
  3. Clean the printer periodically
  4. Although you get this issue again & again then to fix it you can take help of tech support experts. To reach the tech support try HP tech support number.

Problem 2. How to fix when the printing page is fade?

Solution: Normally the printing paper gets fade because of three reasons.

  1. The printer has low toner, make sure and if found then change it.
  2. In printer setting, density set is too low. If it is then turn on it.
  3. Due to cartilage issues.
  4. If you are not able to find out exact reason then ask for help with tech support.

Problem 3. How resolve slowly working HP computer?

Solution: If the HP computer is working slowly then you need to follow the instructions to solve it. There are many reasons which act as a hindrance for the slow working computer.

  1. Make sure if you have open many tabs, then close unnecessary tabs.
  2. Ensure if you have open many apps on the HP computer. If you are using many applications at the same time, this causes slow performance of HP computer.
  3. Clean your device with the help of antivirus to detect and remove virus infection.
  4. Check & update the computer software, if it is required.

If you are unable to resolve this problem by the help of given steps. Get help through HP customer service number, which is always available for customers.

  Problem 4: How to unlock an HP laptop keyboard?

Solution: The users of HP laptop face very frustrating moment when they surf net and keyboard get locked. If this condition also occurs with you, here is the way to fix it.

  1. Press the power button on the HP laptop and turn it off.
  2. Remove the battery from the laptop & wait for 5 minutes.
  3. Insert the battery and turn on the HP laptop.
  4. Click on the start menu on the screen & go to control panel.
  5. Under control panel, go to the accessibility and click on the “Keyboard.”
  6. Change the present option and unlock the keyboard.
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  8. HP Laptop troubleshooting
  9. If you failed to follow the instructions don’t worry. You can opt for HP laptop customer service number which is 24 X 7 reachable for users.

If you have technical hiccups with HP laptop and you are looking for help by which you can solve the laptop snag. Then you can dial the HP support number which is always available for the users. With the help of technical experts you will able to solve the problem do you have with your laptop. These experts are 24×7 available for live support of customers.

The team of customer care is dedicated to their work and provide their customers proper solution. Therefore you don’t need to worry if your any device HP shows error. All issues related to HP products sort out by the help of tech support experts. If you could not solve the HP products troubles then you should ask tech support team to help you.  The trained professionals of tech support are always ready for help means 24 X 7. So whenever you need help try HP technical support number. By the help of this number, users can reach out to customer care team & ask for a solution. All technical issues related to HP products will be fixed via experts of tech support.