The models of HP computer are in demand because it provides best quality service. Millions of people buy and use the HP computer across the world. On the other hand, many users complain that they encounter with technical hitches of HP computer. Recently, the very common problem faced by the users is the computer doesn’t wake up from hibernate mode. If you have the same issue and you are looking for help just follow the steps suggested by the experts. But if you have any error or stuck with doubt dial HP customer care number 1-866-687-2705. This is the number that will help you to resolve the problem because on this toll-free number customer care executive are always available.
Steps for troubleshooting:-

Step 1: Restart HP computer

When you restart the computer, it erases the information from computer memory and restores it. Now after this step check the problem gets fixed or remain the same.

Step 2: Enable the keyboard of the computer

This process can wake the computer from sleeping mode, enable the keyboard and check if the problem persists.

1. Open the Windows and select the “Device Manager.”
2. Now click on the arrow of keyboards and do double-click.

Figure: Double-clicking the keyboard in the Device Manager window

keyboard Device Manager
keyboard Device Manager

3. Now tap on the “Power management”
4. If you found that the power management is unavailable, select the “Change Settings.”
5. Now click on the box “Allow this device to wake the computer.”

Figure: Selecting Allow this device to wake the computer

wake the computer

6. Tap on “OK.”
Ensure that if the problem persists even as you enable the keyboard, you should continue to the next step. You can also dial HP computer customer care number for tinkering.

Step 3: Check for Windows updates

At the last length, you can check for the windows updates. This may fix the problem. Select the operating system and perform the updating steps for Windows update. After try hard, if you couldn’t resolve the problem just ring the toll-free number of customer care, i.e. HP customer support number. Via this number, you will able to sort out each and every hitch of the computer, laptop, and printer of HP brand. You don’t need to worry about the glitches you face because customer care team is always ready to help you and fiddle the hitches.