Is your recently downloaded AOL App causing your troubles on your Android device? If your response is yes then there is no need to get anxious because you will find the best troubleshooting tips to fix the problem with the application. No matter which device you are using, you can always rectify the problems in the simplest manner. If you think that steps won’t be working then you can again install AOL Mobile App 1-866-429-4641 so that the required amendments can be done.

With many of the enthralling features, this app sometimes becomes a havoc for the users. From setting your news feed to changing the weather location or searching whatever you want, you can do it all on the app. Let’s look at the troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting AOL App in Android

Method 1: Update the operating system

The AOL App works great on the newest version of the Android, so it is not updated then do the needful as early as possible

Method 2: Force stop & restart the app

Force stopping an app refreshed the active memory, you can do so by these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Tap on Apps > AOL
  • Tap force stop
  • Relaunch the application

Method 3: Enable the Chrome

You might face general issues with the application due to the Chrome being disabled on your Android. To sort it out, you must first enable the Chrome for a swifter experience.

Method 4: Delete the app and reinstall it

To fix all the troubles at once you can try to uninstall the app first and then reinstall it. If you don’t know how to do so then, follow the given points.

To Uninstall the App

  • Open settings App > Apps > Select AOL
  • Click on Uninstall and tap ok

To reinstall –

  • Open the Google play store app
  • Type in AOL App in the search bar
  • Tap install
  • Give the permission to the app from the dialogue box
  • Tap accept to let the download initiate

These troubleshooting tips will definitely prove beneficial if applied in the same order. In case if any glitch still seems to persist then you must Download AOL App once again to rectify the issue from the root.

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