The email account Windstream permits its users to reset their email password whenever they want. If your mail account is inactive more than 180 days then you won’t be able to recover the password. In that situation, you need to get the help from customer care team. Via Windstream customer care number 1-866-883-7157 you will able to resolve all issues related to this webmail. If your mail account is active and you have remembered the security questions. You can try the steps which are described below one by one.

Steps to recover/reset Windstream email password?

To reset the email password you need to go the official website of Windstream email. Where you can directly go to manage my account. Let’s see the steps.

1. Visit the official website of Windstream mail.
2. From this section select the drop-down menu.
3. Under the drop down menu click on My Account & Support.
4. Now click on manage my account under the My account & support.
5. In the Online Account Options, enter the email address & password, then click to login.
6. When you will login in here then clicks on the link change username, password & email accounts.
7. Click on the link “I forgot my password”
8. A new window will open and you will ask to select the recovery option.
9. Select the security question if you have remembered the answers.
10. Correctly answer all security questions and then follow the prompts.
11. Now you have to enter a new password and confirm it.
12. Ensure that you have reset the new email password.

Sometimes it happens that users stuck while following the steps due to confusion. In that condition, customers don’t need to worry. They can opt for Windstream customer support number which is always available for its customers. Through the help of technical experts, customers can find a solution. Trained experts in customer support will resolve all issues as soon as possible. Customers of this email can ask for help 24 X 7 because technicians are always available for them.

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