The Echo Alexa is one of the best examples of artificial intelligence which has been used by many users. This device is known as personal voice assistance which performs various tasks asked by users. You can ask any question to Alexa and she will answer you. She can read the news, and deliver weather forecast and perform much more tasks beyond your thinking. If you want to know more about it call on Echo Alexa customer care number 1-866-429-4641. With the help of trained technicians, you will get all answers to your questions which you want to know about this amazing device.

Well, if you want to reset the Echo Alexa device and looking for the way then you can try the simple instruction given here.

Method to reset Echo Alexa device:-

1. Take small paper clip or hair clip by which you can press the button.
2. Now locate the reset button of the Echo Alexa device, it would be on the base of the Echo.
3. Press the reset button and wait until the light turns to orange & then blue.
4. Now you can wait for the light to turn off and then turn on after a few seconds.
5. Your device will turn to set up mode now so wait for 5 minutes.
6. Finally, you can turn on your Echo device and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
7. Register your Wi-Fi network to the Amazon account.

If you have any doubt or get an error while resetting the Echo Alexa device then you can contact customer care experts. Even some time users try to reset their device but they failed to reset it or stuck with technical snags. If this problem happens with you then you should reach to experts. You can ring the Echo Alexa customer support number to get help for your hiccups. The skilled and trained technicians will resolve the problem you are facing just in short time so you won’t have to worry. These experts are 24×7 ready to fix the problem that is related to Echo Alexa.

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