Dell is a brand that everyone relies on, it is the name of trust and also counted among the most preferred brands. Dell is known for manufacturing computers, laptops and printers. But at certain times, the products of this company tends to misbehave. Specifically, the Dell computer often causes a problem for the users by running slow. If you are facing the same situation and unaware of fixing it, then try to take help from the Dell customer care number 1-866-429-4641 that stays available 24 hours of the day. The technical experts will fix the issue of your device’s slow running in minimum time.

There can be varied reasons for the Dell computer to run slow, it might be due to windows operating system, or malfunctioning of the hardware or software. But you can try the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue without any assistance.

Making Dell computer run faster

Step 1: First of all, delete old programs and unwanted data by going to control panel. Also, remove other files such as old media files by dragging them in the recycle bin.
Step 2: Defragment your hard disk. Click on ‘start’ then ‘computer’ and right click on the drive you want to defragment. Remember to do this when you don’t want to use the computer as it will take a few hours to complete the process
Step 3: download and install the latest device drivers for your computer. Go to the official site and scroll through the list of driver and click on download button, once complete, install it and restart your computer.
Step 4: Install new RAM as the device might be running slow due to insufficient RAM.
Step 5: Conduct a full system scan with an antivirus program and delete any malware active in the device.
Step 6: Run a disk clean up utility to get rid of the small unnecessary files.

By following the steps that are mentioned above, you will be able to make your Dell computer run faster, if the steps do not work, try reaching out to Dell technical support number for further guidance from the trained technicians.

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