Data security has become the need of an hour, be it online or offline, everyone is concerned about their data. Talking specifically about QuickBooks, it is an accounting software that makes your tedious task easy in just a click. The company file of this software contains the most sensitive information as it includes customer credit card number and employee social security number. If you don’t know how to safeguard your online data then you can take help from the experts available at QuickBooks customer care number 1-866-687-2705, which can be accessed 24 hours of the day.

Any hacker or unauthorized user can gain access to your online data leading to a very critical and chaotic situation. To get protection from this type of security breach, you must try the options to protect your online QuickBooks data. With the help of the mentioned five key technologies, you can secure the data.
Securing online QuickBooks data

Data backup: If your original data gets destroyed, you can take the backup copy of your data and start over. QuickBooks itself performs data backup on tapes, which are periodically moved off-site to a secure location.

Firewall protection: A firewall acts as a barrier for the hackers from stealing your important information and taking control of your computer. QuickBooks uses SSL technology (used for credit card transactions) for securing the data.

Viruses: Often virus destroys the saved data on your computer, leading to a problematic situation. It is always advised to regularly use an antivirus to keep all kind of your data under the safety blanket.

ID & Password protection: Always remember to set a strong password so as to keep your account safe.

Safety tips:

  • Keep your operating systems and applications updated
  • Secure your network too
  • Restrict others from using the same company file
  • Apply the internal safeguards within QuickBooks

Your account security is in your own hands, it is up to you to safeguard the data accordingly. In case, if your doubts are not cleared yet in terms of account safety, then try reaching out to QuickBooks customer support number where the skilled technicians will provide you with excellent tips in securing your account.