To install AOL app on your smart device you will have to visit at the Google play store or Apple store. If you have android OS then you will have to use Google play store and if you have iOS OS then you will have to visit Apple store. Through the AOL app user can not only access email but also get lots of features which will help them to enjoy their work. You can install AOL Mobile App on your Android without paying a single penny. Moreover, there are some technical snags appear when the users install this app or even at the time of access email.

Sometimes the app stops to response or it won’t open. In this condition, you will have to proceed Now have a look at how you can fix the problems of this email app on your mobile or Mac devices.


Update the version of AOL app according to the OS:

Out of dated version of AOL app may cause issues. So, you will have to update the AOL app for your iOS and Android both operating system which one you are using.

Forcefully store the app and then restart it:

When your app is not working then you will get an option “Force stop” then tap on ok.
Then wait for a while and after some time you can restart the AOL app. Now you can check if the issues are get resolved or not.

Uninstall the app & reinstall it:

Even you have updated the AOL app version and restart it, this app is not responding. You will have to follow the reinstallation process. For reinstallation, you will have to uninstall the old AOL app from your system and then you can start reinstallation.

When you have followed all the troubleshooting steps given above and still have the same problem then you can contact customer care experts. They will help you to download AOL App, fix the app not responding problem and much more. If you have some hitches with your app and want help to troubleshoot then customer care is the best option.