Is your recently downloaded AOL app for your Windows not working? Are you facing any serious issues? There is no need to worry about it at all. Because you are reading the right blog where you will get to know about the causes as well as solutions for making the application work. You just need to follow the troubleshooting steps and the issue will be sorted out. Before that you must check that you have done the install AOL Mobile App in the proper manner.

This kind of issue occurs in other operating systems too. The users of Mac IOS also face the similar issue of the application not working. In the case of your Windows having trouble in running the application you need to find the casus first. Some of the common causes are mentioned below.

Causes of AOL App not working in Windows

  • Your Windows need a latest update
  • Internet connection might be slow
  • Other application causing interference
  • Some downloaded software might be misbehaving
  • System requirements for the application might not be suiting well

If these causes sound familiar to you then it’s time to solve the issues. You can do so by following the steps of troubleshooting.

Solving the issues of AOL App not working in Windows

With the help of some points for solution you can try them on your Windows to get the issue rectified.

  • Try to update and reinstall your Windows
  • Check if you have stable internet connection, if not then get it for smooth functioning
  • Look for any other social media applications that might be misbehaving
  • Try to disable your active antivirus that might be stopping the AOL from working
  • While installing the application, check if the system requirements are fulfilled adequately.

If you still find it inconvenient to fix the issue even after performing the troubleshooting steps then you must try to re AOL App download so that the issue might get resolved properly. You can also take help from the customer support executives that are available 24 hours of the day online.