Do you have to access your important old conversation of AOL mail? You can do it by using AOL gold, but what if your AOL desktop subscription is expired? No need to worry because you can access your old mail even if your subscription is inactive. For accessing your email you will have to download AOL desktop gold 1-855-438-6011. Well, you can have a look at the ways how to access the old mail conversation from inactive subscription. You can use given steps those are given below.

Way to access old mail message from inactive AOL gold:-

Before you will proceed to access the old email conversation, make sure you don’t want to activate the subscription. Now follow the instructions one by one and read the email on your computer system.

1. Click on the icon of AOL gold but you don’t have to sign in.
2. Now on the login page, you will have to click on down-arrow to see your username.
3. Choose the username and close the login window.
4. Now you will have to click on “Read mail icon.”
5. To access your locally saved mail click on the folder “Saved on My PC.”
6. Finally, you will have to double click on the email message to open it.
7. You can read an email conversation which one you want.

Well, this was the way where you can access the old mail conversation without activating the subscription. Through this method, you can only recover saved emails. In case you will have to access the current mail then whether you can use other app or activate the subscription of this software. If your AOL desktop is not working or you have uninstalled it, first of all, install AOL gold. After the complete installation process, you can subscribe or renew its license. If in case you are having technical trouble with this interface, you can simply contact customer care experts. With the help of skilled and trained technicians, you can fix all issues just in limited time duration.