QuickBooks are the leader in the world of accounting software. It is mostly used to maintain daily expense, payroll and bookkeeping and other account related things. But it doesn’t mean that if the software is perfect it is far away from glitches. Every perfect software or technology comes with built-in performance or technical hiccups. QuickBooks is no different, it also has some issues which sometimes restrict people to use it properly. For rectifying these fault you can always get in touch with QuickBooks customer care number 1-866-687-2705 who are online all day long. The supporting teams are highly qualified and have their hands perfectly set on each version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 15102

QuickBooks Error 15102 emerges usually while downloading or updating QuickBooks. The error message is –‘Error 15102: Failed to reset update’. The potential causes of this error are:

  • When you have given the wrong path of shared Downloads folder or when it is invalid or inaccessible
  • When QuickBooks is running in terminal service environment of multiuser mode
  • If you are using Windows Vista and you are not logged in as administrator

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102

To fix this complicated error you need to follow some guidelines mentioned in this blog:

 Switch to single user mode if using multi-user mode

First, log out from the file and then QuickBooks < File Menu < Change to single user mode  Run QuickBooks as Administrator if using Windows Vista

After doing Right click on the icon of QuickBooks, select run as an Administrator. If the pop up of permission arise accept it and then reset the updates.

 Confirm the location of mapped file correctly

  • Close the QuickBooks and do the remapping of network driver with the new name
  • Use this map to open QuickBooks
  • Update the QuickBooks and then click on Option
  • Turn off Shared Downloads then turn it on
  • Check if the shared download is using new mapped location. If yes then save it.

This is a complicated error that’s why it is recommended to always take helping hand from professional by reaching them at QuickBooks technical support number available all day long irrespective of time and location. They will ananlyze the issue confronted and tehn accordingly give prompt and complete solution.