Epson printers provide versatile quality print for professional & personal use both. Due to the amazing quality of Epson printer, it has millions of active users. Somehow there are some users of Epson printer who face trouble due to ink cartridge problem. If you are also getting trouble due to Epson printer ink cartridge try these steps given below. If you want the help with tech support team to fix the problem try Epson printer customer care number 1-866-687-2705. Through this number, you will able to resolve all issues within the short time duration.

Refilling the Cartridges:

Refilling of the ink cartridge of Epson printer is quite difficult for its users. To troubleshoot this problem you need to use a syringe. Fill the syringe and insert to the tiny hole of the ink cartridge.

Spills & Messes

When you insert the syringe to fill the cartridge then after having precaution, you will get some spills on hands. Wash it with soap & water.

Resetting the Chip

When users refill the ink cartridge then they need to reset the chip through which the printer accept ink cartridge. To reset the chip of the Epson printer you need to buy a chip resetter. This is an electronic device.

Print Quality

Due to faulty refilling of ink cartridge customer get worst print quality. Usually, the problem occurs with print quality are blur printing, smudges on paper, ruined the print. To resolve the problem with print quality users can replace the ink cartridge. The best option to avoid these all issues is to install a brand new ink cartridge.

If you are getting the problem to install the new ink cartridge then you can get help via customer care team. Use Epson printer technical support number which is always available to resolve its customer’s problem. Through the team of customer care, you can find solutions for Epson printer issues. The team of customer care is 24 X 7 available for troubleshooting its customer’s problem. So, you don’t need to worry about Epson printer issues which you face because customer care is here to help you.