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Epson printers are the product of Seiko Epson Corporation which is largest manufacturing company of computer printer in Japan. This is Japanese electronics industry based on information & imaging related equipment. This Corporation deals with customer’s demand for good quality printers. Epson has introduced a large number of printer models and related products. These printer’s model has amazing printing quality but on the other hand plenty of issues. Having hassles with the printer is not a big issue for any brand printer because technical teams are always there to fix issues. Therefore if you get trouble with Epson printer use

printer support number

. Whenever you will concern experts they will rectify your problem as soon as possible. The printer problem may also fix below mention solution. So give a glance at Epson printer problem and its tricky solutions.

Trouble No. 1: Power supply issue

Solution: When the printers of Epson shows trouble due to insufficient or issue with power supply. To fix the power supply of Epson printer first of you need to check the switch.

  1. Place the power cable of the printer into another plugin.
  2. Check if USB cable has any fault.
  3. Plug in the device and try to turn it on.

Trouble No. 2: Wi-Fi connectivity problem

Solution: The connectivity problem of Wi-Fi mostly occur with Epson printer. If you are trying to connect your printer with Wi-Fi but getting an error.  May these steps will help you. If you get the problem to follow the steps try to contact Epson printer tech support number.

  1. Open the control panel and go to setting.
  2. Check the status of printer connectivity.
  3. Run the scanner to troubleshoot

Trouble No. 3: Problem with the printing quality

Solution: The problem of Quality printing includes many issues. Like horizontal lines, smear color, blurry print, faint printout etc. To fix such printing quality issues users can use Epson printer customer support number. This number is always open to customers. Well, users can also follow the steps given below.

  1. Remove the front door of Epson printer.
  2. Cleans the print head nozzle.
  3. Check the ink cartridge.

Trouble No. 4: Problem while paper loading or feeding

Solution: If you are facing a problem with loading paper in printer follow the given steps as below.

  1. Load fresh pages without any fold or wrinkles.
  2. Ensure the printer is not damp.
  3. The paper size you have used is at the right
  4. Check and remove if any foreign matter is present in your printer.
  5. If you are not finding the way to solve this issue try to contact experts. Use printer customer service number and ask experts to help you.

Trouble No. 5: New cartridge not working

Solution: When users of Epson install a new cartridge in their printer but that won’t work, in such condition users required to check it.

  1. Open the printer front cover and remove the printer’s cartridge.
  2. Clean the printer nozzle if any dust or dirt found.
  3. A check is the new ink cartridge pink label has removed or not.
  4. If not remove it.

Make sure is there any leakage of the ink cartridge. Try to re-install the printer cartridge.

Trouble No. 6: Unable to print from a mobile device

Solution: When users of Epson try to take a print from mobile but it doesn’t work this issue can be solved. If this situation happens with you can try to solve it. Try these instructions one by one.

  1. Refresh the printer and printer list.
  2. Now update the printer’s driver to connect it.
  3. Make sure the printer has a connection. If connect is not proper go to next.
  4. Logout & re-login to Google cloud printer connector.
  5. Confirm and verify the printer’s installation with Google Cloud Connector.
  6. Confirm that the running of the recent mobile device.
  7. If you failed to troubleshoot the printer issues then you can get the help from tech support experts.

Above mention, all issues are very common for all Epson users. At least once they face the technical issues with their printer. Well, now ever you face the printer error just concern to tech support. When a team of customer support is always ready to dissolve problem then there is no need to worry. Through printer technical support number you will find instant solution. To resolve the printer issue of Epson users can concern to tech support 24 hours because experts provide their help day & night. After dissolve issues of Epson printer users can again enjoy the quality printing service. Get high quality prints for your official or creative work by Epson printers. There are some users who face trouble to turn on the Epson printer. To resolve this problem customer care team is always ready. By using Epson technical support number you can reach to customer support team. Service of the customer is 24X7 available.