The Echo dot, Echo dot 2 and its latest version Echo Alexa has been popular over the world, especially in the USA due to its skills. The latest version of Echo Alexa has various skills i.e. more than 3000. To use its any skill you will have to install Alexa app on your smartphone & then connect it with Echo speakers. Well, those who are still using the previous version Echo dot 2 may face some glitches.

The very common trouble with Echo dot is that it suddenly stopped to work. If it ever happens and you are unable to resolve the hitch just try Echo Alexa customer care number 1-866-734-5438. On the call, trained experts on customer support will troubleshoot the problem through remote control.

If you want then try the steps given on the blog to sort it out. These steps are very simple to perform for everyone even layman too follow it for troubleshooting.

The plug doesn’t connect properly:

  • Check if you haven’t connected the plugs in a proper manner.
  • Insert the USB and ensure it is properly connected with the Echo adopter port.
  • Now press the start button and then the action button. Make sure if it starts to work.

The power cord is faulty:

  • Faulty power cord can be one reason if the Echo dot 2 stopped to work.
  • Ensure that your power cord is not broken or damages.
  • If it then opts for replacing the power cord of Echo dot 2.

When you opt for both solution and none of them worked to sort out the trouble. Then you should try to restart it. Hope so the restart process of Echo dot can fix the trouble. Well, if you seem that you need experts to help for troubleshooting just dial Echo Alexa customer support number. This number is 24×7 accessible for rectifying then hiccups of its products faced by the consumers. Whenever you require proper guidance and assistance of customer care to fix issues of Echo Alexa or its other version just use their toll-free number.