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When there are so many email service provider companies take a decision which one is best is difficult. Most important thing is to find a solution for your specific email problem. Among all email, EarthLink has taken place as the best service provider. Since many years the email EarthLink has been providing its quality service. Through the service of this mail millions of users send or receive mails on regular basis. Hence the mail feature of EarthLink is too good but although its complications cause trouble for users.

Some issues of this email users get due to lack of knowledge or their own fault. Although no need to depress experts is always here to help you. The

EarthLink Customer Care Number

is the simplest way to fix email problem. Through this toll-free number, users can dissolve issues instantly because experts of tech support are trained to fix all issues. If you are looking for a solution of EarthLink email problem this page will be beneficial for you. Get solution of EarthLink mail issues in simple and easiest way.

Earthlink Customer Support

Problem 1. How to reset the EarthLink password?

Solution: If you want to reset the password of your mail but getting trouble. Try these steps one by one & although not get success reach to experts. Via EarthLink tech support number users can find a solution for all issues.

Step 1:  Go to the official Sign-in page of EarthLink mail.

Step 2: Here sign in your EarthLink account.

Step 3: After sign in a click to the option of My Account which is located on the top-right corner of mail page.

Step 4: Click & open the profile option to email. Go to edit section of the password.

Problem 2. Prepare a backup mail of EarthLink

Solution: Usually users of EarthLink face trouble to get a backup mail. If you also need to get a mail backup follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Go to the folder of mail under program files of drive c:

Step 2. Now locate the files of EarthLink.pst or archive.pst files.

Step 3. Next step you required to copy both files either on a flash drive or hard drive.

Problem 3. How to fix spam mails or report them?

Solution: Getting spam email on your mail account can irritate you as well as it is a sign that your account is in danger. To secure your email account from suspicious and spam email follow troubleshoot steps. If in case these steps don’t work then you need to use EarthLink customer support number.

  1. Go to the mail setting and use filters for mail.
  2. Try to change the email security setting.
  3. Turn on the antivirus or other security software on your device.

Problem 4. Recovery of deleted email on EarthLink.

Solution: If users accidentally delete their email which was important may recover it. For recovery of deleted emails, users should try the steps mention here.

  1. Click the email icon of EarthLink.
  2. Open your account and go to the trash folder.
  3. Click to the trash folder and search the mail you have lost.
  4. If you find out that email tap on it and transfer to the inbox.
  5. If the email is not present in the trash

Problem 5. Mail EarthLink has configuration error with a smartphone.

Solution: The new feature of EarthLink has configuration ability. The user can configure their emails with tablets & smartphones. If you have to configure the email with mobile but it is showing error. You can use EarthLink customer service number which is always open. You can also try given steps one by one.

  1. Click on the email icon of the mobile
  2. Open it and go to the setting option.
  3. Tap on the setting of Mail and open it.
  4. Here you will get an option to add account.
  5. Click on it and enter required details of your EarthLink.
  6. Now you can configure it with your smartphone.

Problem 6. How to recover hacked account?

Solution: Hacking of account is a most hectic problem for everyone. Hackers steal all personal data and can harm you. So ever you feel that your account gets hacked to change the password as soon as possible you can. If you are unable to login your account asks experts to help you.

The email problem of EarthLink will be fixed with the help of tech support. If you try the solution mention above but it doesn’t work. Try EarthLink technical support number and ask experts to solve your problems. Trained & experienced professionals of tech support will solve any kind of problem-related to email. The concern to a team of tech support and ask for a solution is simple now because experts are 24 X 7 present to help you.