AOL Email! A Reliable Email Partner Forever

AOL offers you all to create your own Free Email account on its websites and provides almost all the features which are the basic need of today’s high tech world for free like other giants Gmail and Yahoo does. Today email service is a basic need for everyone weather individual or business entity which help people to exchange from text to vital information in an easy way. This is the high time to get AOL email services because it has updated its technology and acquired by Verizon recently with finest features and benefits. AOL Email has around 10 million active users around the world because AOL helps its users through

AOL Customer Care Number

whenever they face any problem in utilizing any of its features. If you are unaware of it till now then just read about it here and see what is AOL Email and its services.


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AOL Email Introduction

In 1993, an American origin company AOL developed “AOL Email” and started to provide its email service to the world and since then with non-stop growth now it has launched its version in 54 worldwide languages with amazing features and the best part is that it is Free. Basically, AOL Email is web based so to access it users only need internet and their username and password to login. AOL Email can be accessed from any browser including but not limited to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, AOL Desktop and Microsoft Edge etc. Due to its various user-friendly features and amazing emailing quality, it has countless uses across the world. This email is offered by AOL Inc. which is part of Verizon. Recently AOL has acquired Yahoo and created “Oath.” Now users can access both emails at a time. There is one more thing AOL has started and that is AOL webmail can be access by smartphones, even users can send text messages by using email. Yet this webmail has superb features, on the contrary, it possesses critical issues. Users often face some issues while using this email. Yet the popularity of AOL webmail remains same with the help of customer care team. Experts of customer care are always ready to rectify its user’s problem related to AOL webmail.

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AOL Email Service Attraction

Since there are many competitors in the market, it is very obvious to come in mind that when there are many email service providers available then why they should choose AOL rather than other email services? Exactly this is the fact of human being! Until and unless we don’t get something better or good quality email service than others why should we use AOL Email?

Exactly, AOL Email is different and better from other Email Service Providers available in the market. It has lots of features along with share messages, anti-spam, chat, fastest and secure servers, easy to use UI and ongoing features enhancements and updates. Not only this, it is the only free email service provider who provide 24×7 customer support to its users through AOL Customer Care Number which users can dial anytime in the day whenever they face any issues in using AOL email and get support from the experienced, skilled and certified technicians. This thing makes AOL absolutely unique and better from other service providers like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo etc. as they don’t have their own support team. So dear users, you are correctly choosing AOL Email as your email service partner for your online conversational needs. Now AOL Mail is celebrating its 24th anniversary with lots of ups and downs experiences. AOL Mail always has been changing so many things to make its email service good to better and still trying to give best.

aol customer care

As new users of AOL Email has a lot of queries and want a resolution of them. To resolve their queries weather technical or billing etc. they can always reach out to AOL Customer Service Number where everything can be resolved instantly. Some new users of AOL usually put up the question like how long does AOL keep email on its records or in the account? Normally AOL doesn’t delete any incoming and sent emails on its server but spam and trash folder’s mail get removed within 5 days. There are some users of AOL mail who get glitches to send attachment files. If you are also getting same trouble and want help, just try AOL email customer care number. The number of customer care is always available for its users. trained experts provide proper assistance for troubleshooting.

Impeccable Features of AOL Email

  • Multilingual Availability

AOL Email is available in 54 languages which is just like the freedom to choose the language which you want to work with or as your native language you are comfortable with. This is one of them few email services which offers such special feature to their users.

  • Zero Priced

AOL email is Free of Charge so you don’t have to anything to create an account with AOL email. And this is Free for all users for lifetime.

  • Lightning Fast Email Experience

It gives its users a better experience of fast email send and receive feature. And of course the data is always secure on its giant servers.

  • AOL is Themed Now!

Its beautiful themes and background colors doesn’t make the user bore while using AOL email. And it also can be customized in terms of fonts, colors, themes etc. This themed feature is added in new version of AOL Email.

aol customer care number
  • Unlimited Storage

One of the best features it offers which is praised by all AOL users that Unlimited storage capacity free of cost. That means you can store unlimited emails and data in your inbox and sent items and other folders for free. This feature of AOL gets more compliments from its large number of users.

  • Useful Tools

As mentioned above that AOL Email is much more than exchange messages and information, it has many daily use tools like reminders, calendars, sticky notes, Notebook etc. which help its users to manage their routine work with ease. Weather user has to remember the important date or schedule meetings these features play a vital role in daily life with AOL Email.

  • Data Security is AOL’s Priority

Highest security is one another feature of AOL email. 2 step verification process makes AOL Email accounts safe from online cyber threats. Without a user’s permission, no one can login and access information or make any changes in his AOL Email account.

  • More Powerful

Its ability to send large attachments up to 25 MB per email which makes it one of its unique email service. This feature has made large documents sharing so easy and within seconds. And that is saved on AOL’s server and in your account until you don’t remove it.

  • Ease of Access AOL Email

Now accessing AOL Email is more being the webmail service it can be accessed from any device with internet connectivity.

  • AOL Email is Mobile Now

Though it can be accessed from any device or configured in most of the devices mail settings. Now AOL Email has its own AOL Email App, which can be downloaded in smart phones Apple and Android both and users can access their AOL email accounts anytime anywhere. And if they face any kind of issue while downloading AOL email app or setting up their account with it then they can call AOL customer support number where their every AOL Email related issue will be resolved over the phone or the remote session by the certified technicians. Users of AOL Email have a special advantage of un-sending an email or a messages that they mistakenly sent to a recipient. If you are also an avid user of AOL Email and want to know how to unsend an email then you can do so only through your AOL Desktop software. As there is an option of un-sending the email or message. There is no need to get worried if you have mistakenly sent the email as you can overturn your action. Just connect with AOL Email customer support number if you have any further queries.

If anyone wants to get such amazing features without paying any single penny then it is possible AOL Email only. And it doesn’t matter you have other email account or not, you can always sign up for AOL Email Account. Sometimes users of AOL email find trouble due to the bulk of spam email. In that condition, customers of AOL can try to reach tech support. Via AOL support phone number anyone can fix the email problem. Services of tech support are 24/7 provided by trained experts of tech support team. Is your AOL email account hacked? If the answer is yes then just reach at AOL Email technical support number who are available at all hours despite location constraints. The main concern of support team is to provide intriguing assistance which is easy to grasp and understand by the customer.

Common Issues Faced and Reported by AOL Users

As we know that problems come with every great thing but also the solution. And we experience those problems only when we use that. AOL Email also has some issues as normal but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed. Many times the issues occur by user’s mistakes. Every problem in the world has the solution, the only thing is that we need to think about it with a broad mind and accept the challenge.

The very common issues faced and reported by AOL users are mentioned here –

    • AOL Email Sign-in error
    • AOL Email Password Reset
    • AOL Email Account Hacked
    • Unable to login to AOL email
    • Verizon move to AOL Mail
    • AOL Email Login Problem
    • AOL Email Account is blocked
    • Unable to open AOL Desktop icon
    • Not be to access AOL Email on Phone
    • Unable to install AOL Email Mobile App
    • Unable to access AOL email account
    • Unable to send and receive AOL emails.
    • AOL Mail is not working on iPhone
    • Emails are lost from AOL Email Account
    • AOL Email Account Password Recovery
    • Unable to pass 2 step verification
    • My AOL Desktop Gold icon is not working
    • Unable to access Verizon email with AOL
    • Unable to setup AOL Email in smart phone mail setup
    • Unable to setup SMTP POP 3 email settings for AOL Email
    • Unable to access email after Verizon to AOL conversion
    • Unable to attach documents and pictures in AOL Email
    • Passcode is not received while changing the AOL Email Password
aol customer care number

And more issues may occur to users while using AOL email but as mentioned above every problem has a solution and so with the AOL email. All the issues users face and reported can be resolved through AOL technical support number with the help of certified technicians. Most of the customer service related issues can be resolved with AOL tech support Number. Anytime you will need the help of experts to sign in the AOL email just call on AOL customer support. This is the toll-free number on which users get a complete solution for their email hitches without any trouble. The service of customer care team is 24×7 available for all users by which you can resolve all kind of technical issues related to AOL mail.

In conclusion one more thing must be mentioned and needs to remember that after inactivity of AOL Email for more than 90 days may lead to deactivation of AOL Email account and after that user may need to create another account if wants to continue using AOL Email. So it would be good if user keeps login in and checking the emails time to time. If you found that you are not able to reactive the AOL account just get in touch with customer support team.

After all AOL email is one of the best email services in the world because of its trustworthiness, updating according to users demand. We hope some more new exclusive features will be added to AOL Email which will take the email accessibility to the next level. If you are not able to reset AOL email password after trying hard. Don’t worry. You can get help from the technical support team. To reach out tech support use AOL email customer support number, which is always available for its customers. Therefore you can ask them to help you anytime when you need help.

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